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Brand Story

At the dawn of the new millennium, a group of friends from the beautiful country of Wales set out with a simple vision. As the first Welsh distillers in more than a century, they were determined to break with convention and pledge to realise our dream.

Our Faraday Still

The whisky still at Penderyn is unlike any other: a single copper pot still producing a flavourful spirit of extraordinary strength and purity.  This still was invented exclusively for us by Dr David Faraday, descendent of the ground-breaking Victorian scientist, Michael Faraday.

At 92% alcohol by volume our new spirit has the highest strength of any malt whisky. We now have two of these stills as well as a pair of traditional 'lantern' stills.

The Art of Maturation

The Penderyn house style derives uniquely from the use of two types of cask. After an initial maturation in hand-selected bourbon barrels from a single source, the wysgi is further matured in special Madeira barriques.

Fresh and Vibrant

Art and science come together at the moment when our talented young distillers decree that a cask is ready to be bottled. Thanks to the quality of the wood, the delicate spirit rapidly develops a sophistication normally confined to much older whiskies, but to retain its freshness and vibrancy we take care not to over-mature. Reducing the strength drop by drop with our very own Brecon spring water, we bottle Penderyn without chill-filtration.