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The story behind Penderyn's branding - part 2

Our decision to focus on modern Wales gave us a good direction for the packaging – not round dark bottles, typical of archaic scotch bottles – and so the bottle that we eventually chose looks more like a wine or vodka bottle than a Scotch. If you’re lucky enough to have a bottle on your shelf, you’ll notice that it’s slim, elegant, and likely to be slightly taller than the bottles next to it. The flint glass bottle would shows off the golden colour of the whisky, and these factors combine to ensure that the bottle stands out on a crowded shelf.

The naming of the brand caused a fair amount of debate: one of the first suggestions was “Beacon”, which, as you may have guessed, comes from the distillery’s natural surroundings of the Brecon Beacons. As the brand had to live outside Wales we wanted a name that could easily be used as a bar call. Eventually we settled on the name of the distillery’s location, the village of Penderyn.

As Welsh Gold was the unifying theme of the Penderyn brand, we created an “AC” hallmark, standing for Aur Cymru – “Welsh Gold” in the Welsh language. Unlike other whiskies, which are often hidden behind opaque boxes, the minimal, unintrusive Penderyn packaging is designed to show off the whisky’s inherent beauty, allowing anyone who wants to to see the rich colours inside.

Finally, the bottle design was capped off with a hand drawn flash of gold, symbolic both of the whisky’s rarity (less is produced in a year at Penderyn than in a day at some larger distilleries) and desirability. Of course, all the packaging in the world wouldn’t make a bad whisky taste good, but we hope that the considered design of Penderyn’s branding complements the whisky within – what do you think?


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