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Can they do this?

That didn't stop Panama-based Scottish Spirits from creating this - whisky in a can. It just doesn't seem right to us, so we asked around to get some more opinions.

We asked legendary whisky critic Jim Murray what he thought, but it was barely enough to raise an eyebrow: "That's nothing. Over a decade ago, I flew to Chicago for the one and only reason of seeing a bourbon being dispensed on 'tap' from a bar: draught Jim Beam. How did it taste? Like draught bourbon." Probably better than the sachets full of whisky he encountered in Africa!

Matt over at was more open to the idea: "I think it's fun. Some pre-mixed whisky drinks are good and refreshing on a hot day or at a party. Wouldn't fancy doing a six pack though!" At 40% ABV, nor would we...

As for us? We'll stick to bottles!


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