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Whisky in winter

We’ve certainly noticed the change in season here as we move into autumn – suddenly there’s a nip in the air each morning and night falls earlier every day. For us at the distillery though, that’s not such a bad thing: while there’s no reason I can think of not to drink whisky in summer, there’s nothing quite like enjoying your favourite whisky by the fire, sheltered from the cold outside.

Welcoming guests who come from all around into the warmth of our distillery (and giving them a warming glass of whisky) is always a pleasure, and although it’s still autumn, I look forward to seeing the mountains capped with snow in a couple of months.

So here’s an insider tip: autumn and winter are great times to visit us: you’ll see the mountains that surround us at their best, the whisky will warm you up and because we get fewer visitors than in summer, don’t be surprised if you find that it’s just you and the distillery staff! To find out more about visiting the distillery, take a look at our website. We’ll look forward to welcoming you!


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