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Celebrating Wales's impact on the world with special edition series

A total of fifty limited edition single malt whiskies are planned, each of which will celebrate a person, milestone or event from Wales which resonated internationally. The first edition to be launched is Red Flag, commemorating the first time that a red flag was raised as a symbol of social protest: during the 1831 Merthyr Rising which ended in the execution of miner Dic Penderyn.

The Red Flag special edition carries a passage telling the story of Dic Penderyn, whose real name was Richard Lewis, and the bottle features a specially commissioned print by the artist Andrew Davidson. Future editions will draw upon other events from Wales’ history. Each bottling will be strictly limited in number, and the expressions are expected to become collectors’ items, as other Penderyn special edition whiskies have become.

Stephen Davies, managing director of the Penderyn Distillery, commented: “Wales has an incredibly rich history, and some powerful stories that have yet receive the recognition that they deserve. Not many people would associate the red flag of social protest with Wales, yet it’s here that the international iconic symbol originated. Our aim with the Icons of Wales series is to celebrate Wales’s most important moments both at home and abroad.”

Vivian Pugh, head of the Dic Penderyn society, commented: “The story of the red flag in Wales and its symbolism in the run up to the execution of Dic Penderyn an important part of Welsh history yet one which is often sadly overlooked, particularly outside of Wales – while people might remember the names of foreign martyrs and revolutionaries, Dic Penderyn doesn’t currently get the recognition that his legacy should afford him: we support Penderyn’s efforts to increase his profile around the world. Just as the rising of the red flag in 1831 was a catalyst in British industrial history, the production of the Red Flag edition by Penderyn sees the forward development of high quality distilling at its best.”

This limited edition bottling will be available at Penderyn’s distillery, at and at selected stores throughout Wales. A small number of prints used on the bottle’s label will also be available at the distillery.

The 1831 Merthyr Rising is believed to have been the first time that a red flag was raised as a symbol of social protest.

Dr Jim Swan's Tasting Notes
“This whisky is finished in Madeira casks to impart a delicate ¬flavour of subtle complexity. Hand crafted to perfection, the unique distillation process at Penderyn produces a single malt whisky that is smooth, light in character and softly golden in colour”.


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