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Our Company

Penderyn Distillery is based in the traditional village of Penderyn, which itself lies within the southern reaches of the scenic Brecon Beacons National Park. The area has spectacular mountain scenery, open moorland and valleys containing fast-flowing streams, rivers and waterfalls. The famous and popular Scwd-yr-Eira waterfall is within walking distance of the distillery.


Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky was first launched on St David’s Day, 1st March 2004, in the presence of HRH Prince Charles, to huge critical acclaim from both acknowledged whisky experts and consumers worldwide. Indeed, The Penderyn has already won a number of prestigious international awards for the quality and taste of the whisky and for its distinctive and stylish packaging.

Visitor Centre

The company remains privately owned and managed by a committed, professional and enthusiastic team of individuals. A major development at Penderyn was the June 2008 opening (again by HRH Prince Charles), of our new Visitor Centre.  Over 35,000 visitors come to Penderyn every year to learn at first hand about distillation in Wales, seeing the production process from beginning to end and sampling the company’s products for themselves.


In a world of faceless globalised, multi-national and multi-brand companies Penderyn is a throwback to an era when people came together to create something special. There is a real love in the business, an integrity about our distilling process, a magic in our location and with stories and legends already building up around our fairly young brand, we are delighted to create whisky which is a perfect combination of art and science.


Penderyn is what the marketing people would call a ‘discovered brand’. First, it was discovered by the Welsh, who initially bought this, the first Welsh malt whisky in over 100 years, out of pride and patriotism. Later it was discovered by a small band of connoisseurs around the world who spread the word that this was not only a distinctive modern brand, but also a malt whisky with a uniquely delicate and complex character. As word spread our export markets have grown substantially, and Penderyn is now available across the globe.


Penderyn believe in telling stories, as stories and whisky are perfect companions. We are passionate about our country and tell tales from Wales and of our own personal experiences. We put the same enormous pride and passion into producing our Penderyn barley spirit, most of which goes on to age in our cellars and to be bottled as Penderyn single malt Welsh whisky. Tiny quantities are diverted to craft our other premium products.


It's all about quality with us. Batches are checked, re-checked; there are endless tasting sessions... and one of our warehousemen once claimed to care more for the casks than for his own children!

All Penderyn's spirits are premium or super-premium and are produced in small batches using only the finest available ingredients and traditional production methods. In the case of our single malt whisky, an awful lot of time is also involved.